Collapsabubble boxes (for Brad)

June 28, 2009 at 9:48 am | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry, sheer selfindulgence, writing | 11 Comments
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the funniest thing is to ask a serious poet
her funniest poem
yes my friend the cosmic joke
that someone has to be the bad guy

no plot cold and empty and deep
the funniest thing is that cliches
become cliches cos they contain
a perfectly expressed truth which
humans repeatedly stumble over
stubbing toes and swearing

landlubbers you gotta love ’em.
where’ld everyone go son
caliban waking in his cave
scratching his arse

peering into the still pond
yeah, Squires but we already noh
that, saw it in a magazine
did it up in Lulu
and posted it to Studio Ghibli
where hopefully
the cleaning lady will find it
and give it to her son.

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