overcoming performance anxiety (3)

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, like they were born into it, those flashes of light and the whirring of lenses, that walk.
The deed done he will return of course to his original skulking, a comfortable resource beneath the cloak that Takeshi had given him now the tribal facial tattoos which had appeared over night were well hidden beneath Bootsy’s sunnies twitch had upset the American tourists. The beard had become irritating. And he had no recourse but to revert to the razor.

An Ode To Wulfstan Crumble

October 27, 2007 at 3:26 pm | Posted in writing | 6 Comments
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An Ode to Wulfstan Crumble

Crumble! I would say,
and he would ignore me completely,

Mr Wulfhino de crumbblebum where is your
surreal English eccentricity,
the very suited gent of certain education
messing an intelligence. Crumble me a puzzle.

How I miss the englishman in japan,
pop mod genius, welsh rabbit, nailed duck,
and pork crackle, where are you Wulfstan
of the Crumble!

(my expression though trite is not mocking,
the emotion, and far be it from me to cast you in
some manner in which you are unaccustomed,
some role you do not desire, but your genius Crumble,
not you, I miss, and it was uniquely yours,
impossible but there,

I Takeshi Kitano you Crumble
japanese pop mod ubercool
advertise you

gingaTao!, my love, (set sail)

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There are so many words on so many screens, my love. They are emanating ripples of fictionality from a common soul, waves of separation which wash upon a shared shore and dissipate outside of time, beyond the icon/avatar, the profile/persons born into words, individuated, particular definitions invented and then………

time slipped into images of Takeshi Kitano
on two screens and silk perfume and bright blue eyes flashing in cascades of the lushest curls,

gingaTao!, my love, writing is a transformative art, a vulcan mind meld ‘cross time and space, he grins, is capable of grand eternities and of
‘x’quisite detail
for you,

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