we create ourselves

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will always be a fundamental point of difference between two sides. One wonders if there is any point even in them discussing it. It should be pointed out however that I am intrigued perpetually by sentences which turn in the middle for some reason. (the question is one of motive force, why, we should make a technical point here.)
Perhaps it is our future selves which create our wierd destinies, lead us into the future through fantasies of dance and dreams and half forgotten memories. If time is not linear one does not need to be able to predict the future nor plan for the most outrageous of outcomes. It is a scarey thought, that is what Alan Watts did not predict.
The two sides manifest sometimes in debates about how many divisions have occurred to this point and what caused the sudden frightening drops in temperature which he had taken to calling sub drop. It was some strange in-joke shared only by F. and some memory he had of himself standing at a rock face with nothing other than ochre and the fire behind him with the laughter of children, placing his hand on the cold and lifeless stone and leaving a mark by which he could be followed.

not all men are dead,

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yet, there is a sudden owning in the silence
between shell bursts,
he hurriedly sketches who knows
how long a few simple lines,
an animal,
curled in on itself,
no longer shivering nor clad in mud
but liberated from the horror
in an act of selfless sacrifice
not of his life but of his morality
his civilisation.
They are suspended transcendent
in that moment,
the artist and the man,

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