Letter To Pam Brown.

March 18, 2009 at 6:29 pm | Posted in australian poetry, memoirs, poetry, sheer selfindulgence, writing | 8 Comments
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Oh no, Walt Whitman most notorious of self-publishers, tell me it isn’t true. Pam Brown tells me that practicing poets should read poetics. I can’t think of anything more stultifying to my practice of poetry than reading lots of jargon and waffle written by academics with no sense of rhythm. Poets should read restaurant menus, graffiti, each other, newspaper horoscopes, ancient maps of sunken isles, the minds of small furry creatures, the patterns of grain in acres of sorghum rushing past the train

on its way to the cattleyards of Roma.

(Pam Brown is the Associate Editor of the infamous Jacket Magazine and I apologise unreservedly for quoting the fantastic Ms Brown, who rocks hard, out of context.)

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