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that European Carp is a terrible pest, he thinks, it survives you see, on anything, and gradually more delicate and carefully balanced creatures go hungry in its wake. The platypus is a secretive fellow, odd, mad even, to have chosen such sitespecific evolution. Carping is a kind of unpleasant talk, all consonants and facts, he says, dissappearing under the mangrove roots chasing yabbies, where is sir ian mackellan quoting lear when you need him, thwack, this is not pygmalion, say it again, some school flashes past in torrid pursuit of its tale, what use words now the storm is here, all these creatures come alive in eddies and undercurrents, yummy, where is she, he thinks nosing up stream, some collision of cultures to be expected, i expect, haha, in the end, some exposition of a fine tracery of capillaries contracting electrically conspiring to assist in the smooth passage of some entreaty, a document unfurled claiming some untrammelled right, but as a platypus, well that’s innocent enough surely, he thinks overlooking the sudden disappearance of all and sundry and the whisper in the water of carp so engaged is he in nuzzling his way through nook and cranny, a sudden silence, poised, and then released as she flicks away smiling upstream, ahaha there she is,

(thanks to alanalove for this very rare footage of platypuses (oh alright platypis) in the wild,
And I am pretty sure that is the great Australian band The Cat Empire, do yourself a favour and buy the album and go see them live cos they are brilliant. rage on, i say,

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