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she’s ramshackle, lads but she floats haha,
pass us all ye shirts for sails, oi, you don’t look too boyish
there, yes you the cheeky one.

c’mere, you ain’t no cabin
boy, still
there’s only us survivors, so you’ll do
climb up that mast
the tallest one
and hang our flag there too.

Eastern Horizon.

July 15, 2008 at 6:55 pm | Posted in writing | 15 Comments
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You see, son, a true sailor is never becalmed for long. As long as you got breath in you you got wind, the old blowhard said smacking me between the shoulder blades and lurching off into the night waving his dragon tankard. Dawn was flirting red fingernails over the long horizon and the last two stars glittered reflected in the gentle rolling ocean like a slow cascade of dark curls unfurling, and it was in that moment I fell in love.

Heh son, he said disappearing down the hatchway, next port, Shanghai, I’ll get ya a mermaid tattoo then turned and mumbled into his filthy beard, that’ll fix ya,

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