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rolling in paradise sitting on the front steps
mourning the passing of Bo Diddley (though
it is surely better to rejoice in his having
Narcissus feels a tap on his shoulder, a reminder to interpolate translation of the fundamentally heiroglyphical as in that which can be told is not the true way, since language is linear forever redefining meaning by expanding the context til it’s too late gone like a butterfly which was a good idea,
However, if we could construct a language of echoes, the source, the one would still resonate by implication most evident when forgotten,
Shave and haircut the old jazzmen used to call the rhythm Bo Diddley picked up and added to the Blues to make his rock ‘n roll. Suddenly Screaming Jay Hawkins appears popping up from behind the bar,

Bo Diddley (RIP) Screaming Jay Hawkins (who wrote I Put A Spell On You) Nina Simone (Goddess)

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