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I had so many good ideas for a post today.

I wanted to thank Harmonie for her kind words about “The Puzzle Box” and say how much I enjoy seeing photos of it in different situations in different countries. For some reason the photos make me feel a strange and unique variety of happiness.

I wanted to thank Graham Nunn for buying a copy and assure the long streak of poetry cool that only the most honest of feedback is of any use.

I wanted to let you all know that I was on the radio in the USA again, courtesy of the best resource for contemporary spoken word poetry on the web, Wordsalad.

I wanted to continue The Masters Of Prose Style. Chico Mahalo is a master of what I call ‘invisible craft’, in that the prose is so good it disappears and only the voices and the story remain. He is also one of the best examples of writers-who-blog whose writing is good enough to be published anywhere, if the editors and agents of the world weren’t so lazy that they won’t go looking. They complain about the number of submissions they receive and the size of their slush piles but all they would have to do is forget about submissions, read a few blogs and the problem would be solved. Of course then they wouldn’t have people ‘submitting’ to them all the time and they would have to ask nicely instead which would take all the joy out of the job.

Chico Mahalo, master of modern prose, A Persistent Illusion.

And finally I wanted to say, woohoo, 24 hours til beer o’clock, rage on, I say,

Masters of Prose Style- F. Gonzalez-Crussi

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What it is that first inspired Mexicans to relish murderous hot peppers, like dainties, may be discussed without profit until the end of time. It was not an epicurean tendency. The first man who made a habit of eating them could not have been in a state of mind to agree with Epicurus that “voluptuousness is the supreme good”.  No;  to decide that these acrid, flaming, scorching plants are edible, one must be in some extreme state, where all thoughts are for self-preservation, or for self-denial. A balanced or sedate disposition never would have dreamed of such cookery.

On the other hand, the nature of these sauces comported with the spirit and temper of my father.

(from “The Five Senses” by F Gonzalez-Crussi. Link is to Mr Gonzalez-Crussi’s agent.)

Formerly Head of Laboratories at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and Professor of Pathology at Northwestern Medical School, Frank Gonzalez-Crussi is the author of ten books all of which display great wit, erudition and insight and a style unrivalled in elegance and precision.

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