All new, oh that’s irony,

March 3, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Posted in writing | 18 Comments


How about no craft at all, just a test of typing? Bloody hell, spellcheckers gotta be good for something. Fuckin’ apostrophes, the person who invented the rules of the fuckin’ apostrophe had a brain like an apostrophe, pointless indicator of nothing, reading this how does that little mark add anything to marks perfect tiny poems? But anyway, what I wanted to tell you was I have been reading sports magazines for tips on fashion, the houndstooth particularly appeals, and I read an interview with an overpaid ball boy who said that you have to believe that you’re good enough if you want to play in the majors. Wanker, I thought.

Anyway just a short note to let you know that there won’t be anymore poetry in my blog, cos anything you give away, you cant sell, not that I can sell my poetry, of course, but then again, sitting around fiddling with words ‘s something I really enjoy and who wouldn’t want to do something they enjoy for a living,

So this letter is obviously more questions than answers, sorry, but times’ pressing hahahah,


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