Star Sign: Rover

March 4, 2008 at 7:48 pm | Posted in writing | 6 Comments
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All art is improvised, you can fiddle with the aftereffects, but you cant escape the influence of Jackson Pollock. You can cut and paste and blur and hide behind and elucidate all you like afterwards but in the act of creation, all art is improvised, like life, and all art is in some way performance art. These are common and self evident truths, and in the past I would put punctuation round them and place them gently in the mouth of some unnamed character like a cigarette and then reiterate with an image after rotating on a pivot from a smokescreen to a mirror and then rewrite for rhythm, look for a confluence, knit around it,

make a poem in other words like a craftsman whilst pretending to be a magician, or vice versa, but now it seems so reductionist, an entertainment rather than a revelation, i am my own dog i used to say, perhaps i’ll buy a puppy,

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