Harpo Speaks.

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(escaping the tyranny of language…  

“One of the three great American Surrealists,” Salvador Dali on Harpo Marx.
(Dali sketches Harpo playing the barbed wire harp.)
For more on Dali’s great admiration for Harpo Marx here is an excellent article in the Telegraph.co.uk  
…the piano player surrendered)

overcoming performance anxiety (3)

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harpos a’bound,
seal nods them a ball, mountebanks hands one two three
thoughtbubble pops,
whoops, there is such a thing
as a wicked grin, an errant hand,
outside on the lawn the adults
are playing croquet,

a more heroic age?

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I went to visit the new Hemingway’s Shotgun site thinking Scot is cool, it will be cool and it is. The first post surprised me cos it was preBeat. Now one of my alltime heroes is Harpo Marx, his autobigraphy is ironically long. He was a member of The Algonquin Round Table, a bunch of writers who hung out together and talked a lot and were famous for various types of talking about different stuff and Harpo was a part of the magic that resulted. A man famous for not talking was requisite it seems.

Harpo was one of the first classical clowns to realise that it was important to play to the camera like it was your favourite audience member and he would play live straight into it so that the reponse when looking through it at him is not to the clownish gesture but to the compassionate, passionate spirit beneath. He was also a mean croquet player, a skill which meant more than knocking balls through hoops at that time.

There are so many quotes available and you know me, I could go on and on, but eventually my schlepping and grammer will breakdown,

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