something sinister

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lurking in the background out of sight
but not beyond vision, George and his rampant
orchestra of happy fools on another mother ship,

foxes those tricksters led by scent
and neat vibrations, flickers of a tail,
lost apon some pirate ship
time machine in obvious disguise
doing backward somersaults
trust your instincts alive
on circus wires
and when you fall into that sea
best not try to fathom it.

The Absorption Of Difference.

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(you might want to turn the video on now and read the following while listening, if you want)

Discipline: (See how someone flipped that ‘b’ to make it ‘p’. I often wonder about these things. Are they perfect accidents or is it because the language is created by the evolution of common consent despite the fact that the pedants would have us believe that is handed down from above in a set of rules. My favourite is this one…

now here


James Brown was a bastard to work for. Not his fault, he had to exercise enormous control in order to be such a successful businessman, given the social conditions. He was an absolute pedant about the music too, fining the musicians if they missed a note, everybody had to Be On The One, and the One was of course James Brooowwwn!

Bootsy Collins and George Clinton were always broke, what with the happy gas and the resultant fines, they tired quickly of James’ discipline and left to form their own outfit.

Now you might think Dr Funkenstein is a bit of a mad befrocked idiot. But consider that everything is a wave oscillating between opposites emanating from the one and that after leaving the suited discipline of James Broooown!, George called his mad loose funk band, “Parliament”;)


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