Two pair of docs and an affirmation,

February 25, 2008 at 6:33 pm | Posted in writing | 9 Comments
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If you’re looking for the message in a matrix, you’ve turned a bum corner, he said, warming his hands over the fire licking out of an old drum, I ain’t Bishop Berkeley

“If God came down right now and gave you an eternity to describe the world where would you begin?”

Don’t give me Zeno’s arrow or the old bald/hairy, he said, tying the string tighter round his narrowing waistline, everything describes itself perfectly, why bother, some old biddy all ready did.

“Are rhetorical questions always stylistic errors?”

Well, now you’re just repeating youself, you already askeded me that one before, he said, spitting into the fire then adjusting his illfitting false teeth, no more saxophone for me.

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