Where’s F.?

February 22, 2008 at 5:16 pm | Posted in writing | 17 Comments
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At some point the money’s gotta be coming from somewhere, I have been out exploring (problogging insertlink haha), round and round you go past advertising disguised vaguely or not and sitting somewhere behind a screenmachine is a person getting paid for misdirected clicks, there is a vacuum sucking as it were the point of your mouse to a flashing red light waiting for a jerk of your wrist beyond conscious sensible control, and with a margin of error beyond its visible borders to gather what? Perhaps just an address. But they are boring money number counting numbnuts whose only chance of getting paid is by processing numbers. There is no content, they are chasing each other round in circles past each others adverts, hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa,

now son you stand there at that door in that uniform with that big fucking gun,

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