The Insanity Clause.

December 17, 2007 at 5:09 pm | Posted in writing | 15 Comments
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In the event I should be considered normal, please let me die then.

Nothing scares me more than the obviously normal, Mormans at the door.

Anyone exercising that much control over their daemons must be mighty scared of them. Which scares the shit out of me, how bad must those daemons be.

(besides, under cover of insanity, that crazy kaleidoscope whose passions cannot be overwhelmed, one is able to make the most grandiose claims with tiny ironies, heedless of the overheard,

the insanity clause,

my christmas wish,

that you may find reason to exult in your excesses

in a way beyond human,

way way off in the night

with bells, rain, dear

and ‘s’nty claus’

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