The Gambler

August 23, 2008 at 5:19 pm | Posted in writing | 5 Comments
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Now wait just a goldern minute, sonny, he said throwing his cards down onto the table. Anyone can see that’s a cheap cheat trick. We can’t all be winning all the time, he said, reaching for his jacket pocket.

Wait, catch a breath there old timer, these is new days. I thought this was a no rules casino, one where we all lived on wits and instincts he said adjusting the frills of lace at his cuffs and removing his pale blue silk hat adorned with feathers. Did you not know it was I, Casanova, who invented the lottery? Let’s see if we can’t come to some amicable agreement. If we can’t all be winners, then someone has to lose.

Haha said F. that’ll be enough of that. Where’s that goddamn pianoplayer? Bootsy, Bootsy, wake up! We are in need of some entertaining distraction, bloody hell, Boss disappears the whole place falls apart he says slamming his glass down on the piano, dust yourself off son, play us some of that good ol’ honkytonk,

(You can read another cool gambling man poem story here…A Gambling Man by Piece Of Pie.)

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