Gotta new tattoo, it’s a real beauty,

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ahh, you gotta love Jimmy Buffet, for a white man, Margaritaville, carapau, he said smiling like Ronaldhino and looking out over the sparkling blue pool, i see you met my sister, she’s amazing, everybody loves my sister, but i’m gonna tell you one thing, man, she is only dancing with you cos you are a white man too, and in this part of town that means jewellery, safer than any kind of cash man, i’m telling you, my sister is dangerous, she is mixed up in some stuff, if she ever calls you Exu you better watch out, you might think that down here corpses can come to life, maybe your pallor of a big city slow death will be flushed away and your heart will beat for the first time and you will smell perfumes unknown, but your corpse if you die here, man, it will not come to life again. You read much? i read everyday, i’m reading H. P. Lovecraft, and my sister, she is a star vampire, man, heh, there she is, Saudade, Saudade, this crazy white man thinks he’s in love with you already, well later man, he said, nice place, beautiful view,

sorry she said sitting beside me, my brother is fond of spy novels and i do so like him to be happy, you have a beautiful home,

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