Omelette Antihaiku.

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“What’s for breakfast, Blue” (for a threelegged
dog tribute poem double self
portrait with hinge.. .
you can’t make an omelette without
you see some of us were born to trouble
son when seeing flocks of sheep idly
graze on each others thoughts
in fantasy fields of gentle lies
agreed by some mere mutuality
can’t help but bark and it’s your
job, Blue, to get ’em moving in the other
direction, they’re headin’ for the gate, boy,
even it means the only friend left to
talk to is you, Blue,
he says,
melting butter and chopping garlic.

Protected: The Hanged Man

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Idea vs Image (Round one)

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Ding! (seconds out) Do you think golfers would make good landscape painters, they’ve got the fine motor control. Not only will there be no more poetry in my blog, mainly because I

am too lazy to in

sert linebreaks, I will also not be reading anymore Poems, writing whose main quality is asserting their Poemhood. poetry i read everywhere, the objectivity of the journalist is a fiction they hide behind. Insert link to a fucking big cannon blowing the remains of Hunter S. into the vastness of the American night.

Do you think great golfers would make great landscape painters, that moment just before his backswing when all there is the movement of air over undulate terrain,

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