I Live Next Door To A Childcare Centre

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There are children laughing in joy greeting their parents almost every afternoon. Prose.

I have discovered the anti-haiku. A haiku is really three concentric circles and you are looking in, Dante-like. It is finally, at its heart, silent, static and Zen. In anti-haiku something is about to happen, which it should be pointed out, means that something is happening already, a motive force has been applied and the present is a pivot.

children laughing in joy greeting their parents

5-1-5 Haiku. Pivot point emphasises the moment from which the poem expands, the occurrence of the word or idea ‘joy’, very simple device, anyone can do it and often does.

anti-haiku, now I could scatter any number of inverted commas in there, said the Japanese gentleman. Where is she?

I don’t know. She just told me to keep playing til she got here. Where did your friend go? The one with all the moustachios?

Ah ha he said with a short bow at the waist, touché, as you say, in your language.

That’s French.

Yes, but they all sound the same to me. Do you know Keith Jarrett?

Well, I haven’t met him personally,

Ah, I see, I see, very good. How long will she be?

not pygmalion

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cockney poet talks of engines
chopin handel liszt
all day was wasted in the making
of an empty fist

of kings and queens others mumble
witches toil and stomachs grumble
barmaids smile and whiskeys tumble
lets embrace the risk,

mary whitehouse mary whitehouse
get on the end of this,
mary whitehouse hairy white mouse
get on the end of this
get on the end of this one,
hear we go here we go here we go
here we go here we go here we go-oh

who’s your granny
who’s your granny
little orphan annie,

heads up fresh today,
straight up out of the ocean
fresh fish look at ‘em wriggle
look at ‘em squiggle
still covered in ocean spray.

anti-haiku (#72)

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little boy in the corner
got a peg and a hole

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