and the seven seas,

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so i said to this bloke, look, i really don’t give a fat rat’s arse, oh sorry, hello, he says hanging up the phone, i don’t have long, have a seat, what i wanted to do was to tell you a story but this story has no plot, cold, waitingempty and deep. it has no characters because it does not involve a redemption, there is an ending however, everything changes.
originally of course it was not possible to imagine individual survival, there was only the community, they were antlike without imagination later becoming bees communicating through dance and creating a surplus in cahoots with flowers, then one of them heard himself speak,
since then there’s been all sorts of varieties of imagining oneself in a better world, mythodologies, some more effective and others more beautiful,
excuse me, a moment, he said, answering the phone, no, sorry, he’s not here, everybodies looking for something, i never met Annie Lennox, he said to me, now what was it you wanted?

(just for something to do i have podcasted this one here)

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