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bang bang he smacks the side of the box,
bang, hurry up
it pixallates static into Caliban,
is it, perhaps played by a younger man,
thundering about context, words
being mere advertisements for ideas
and life being passion,
to stop caring is to begin dying,
all meaning is context dependant
and this word that thought caught
between the observed and the observer
vice versa etcetera latinizations
from the chorus, Alessander, bravo,
the matador and red cape embroidered
with blood, the passion contained,
controlled in a sideways glance
and a quick pat of the hip pocket,
enters quickly with an image which
slips into an idea,
not dead disciplined Zen but
quick Taoist release
experience glistening like the sun on
an undulate Aegean Sea,
shafts of light, multilingual
poet, Alessander erudite,
unlocker of references, The Poet,
Alessander, the first hornrimmed
darksuited, fingerclicking, quickest
fastest cat, Alessander,


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