Honesty. (an ‘onky tonk fantasy)

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(the truth can be used as a weapon or as a shield, and need is in inverse proportion to power, and as Ingsoc was brave enough to say, the masculine energy does have its purpose, Sunonhead, just so long as its purpose is not its own.)

“It’s election day back home,” said F. “They get to choose between the conglomerates lawyers (all liars, cheats and thieves) or the so-called representatives of the working class, actually professional politicians, inevitably centrist, easily pulled one or t’other.”

“And who would you vote for?”

“Hah, I would vote for the bored upper middle class housewives with a social conscience.”


“Well, I figure they are perfectly positioned to play both sides and get the balance of power in the Senate, if you know what I mean. Ever read Lysistrata by Aristophanes?”

She appeared at the piano, smiling. “Now F., leave the piano player alone. He has important work to do,“ and with a vague gesture a butterfly appeared and led F. off into the dark.

“I have a request,” she said, leaning over the piano.

“Anything I can, I will surely do?”

“Not quite, more, I have fifteen minutes. Do you?”

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