Don’t Do That, Squires

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not right now. It’s Friday night
he said, not again, squalls approaching
loves me a pirate poem i do
in fact if you don’t write one right
now this cannons pointing
at you.

Been a long at time at sea. Haha,
Sir! We have received orders.
fuck, release the vodpod he says

scrambling for his trousers
some other lame excuse
will have to do

Where does a poem exist?

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“I’ve always liked your emphasis on poetry as communication, a way of binding communities. It marks a very fundamental difference in thinking with wide implications. In my mind making the distinction between poetry as selfexpression and poetry as communication leads one to an emphasis on traditional craft as opposed to unrestrained experimentation for its own sake.”

Squires to Barbara Jane Reyes.

I was thinking today that this train of thought which begins “Is poetry a form of self expression or a form of communication?” can also lead to a question I encountered over at Geof Huth‘s, “Where does a poem exist?” If it is simply an expression, when it has gone from inside the head of the poet onto the page, it is finished and lies flat as piece of text, an artefact.

If it is an act of communication the poem exists as an alive thing, an event in the mind of the reader or listener and the text becomes just a device, a link, a catalyst for creating waves of change.

Lately I have been thinking I should comment less and instead turn them into posts with links but I’m lazy and don’t have the time.

This is me.

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I had so many good ideas for a post today.

I wanted to thank Harmonie for her kind words about “The Puzzle Box” and say how much I enjoy seeing photos of it in different situations in different countries. For some reason the photos make me feel a strange and unique variety of happiness.

I wanted to thank Graham Nunn for buying a copy and assure the long streak of poetry cool that only the most honest of feedback is of any use.

I wanted to let you all know that I was on the radio in the USA again, courtesy of the best resource for contemporary spoken word poetry on the web, Wordsalad.

I wanted to continue The Masters Of Prose Style. Chico Mahalo is a master of what I call ‘invisible craft’, in that the prose is so good it disappears and only the voices and the story remain. He is also one of the best examples of writers-who-blog whose writing is good enough to be published anywhere, if the editors and agents of the world weren’t so lazy that they won’t go looking. They complain about the number of submissions they receive and the size of their slush piles but all they would have to do is forget about submissions, read a few blogs and the problem would be solved. Of course then they wouldn’t have people ‘submitting’ to them all the time and they would have to ask nicely instead which would take all the joy out of the job.

Chico Mahalo, master of modern prose, A Persistent Illusion.

And finally I wanted to say, woohoo, 24 hours til beer o’clock, rage on, I say,


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But with tophat on, I was over at Geof Huth’s place the other day and on his sideboard discrete were honourareiums in a vase displayed with such an eye for detail and genuine respect. And Sumedh with perhaps the greatest self-portrait of all time,
a never-ending garden of delight
a place where vision is not sight,

On The Radio Again.

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I was on the radio in the USA again. In the past I have shared air time with Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. This time I was as happy as any poet could possibly be, featured on the same bill as Dylan Thomas.

I am reading Argentine Tango. Rattles of insects. night sky prayer. poetic voice, (well i ain’t got one).

Listen to the whole show here courtesy of the best resource for contemporary poetry on the web,


Featured in Hit And Run Magazine

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Hit And Run Magazine is one the coolest concepts in magazines I’ve seen for a long time. I am proud as a penguin to be featured in it.

Notes for a Poem by Paul Squires in “Hit And Run Magazine.”

You can read the piece of prose this became here. Nancy Bird Walton AO OBE (1915-2009).

(Hit And Run are currently asking for submissions, why wouldn’t you?)

W H Auden reading.

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(1 min 30 secs)

Another fantastic production from poetryanimations

First brought to my attention by the genius who is Tipota.

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