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Episode Two – Paul Squires poem “Three-legged Dog”

Watch Episode One, Brad Frederiksen “In Vitro Alienation” here.


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It is with tremendous pride that I announce the appearance of two of my poems in one of Australia’s oldest and most well-respected on-line poetry journals, Foam:e.

The two poems, “A Small Boy Holding Flowers” and “The Yellow Dress” are two of my favorites and I am glad they found a home in such a beautifully presented collection and in such excellent company. The journal also contains work by Stu Hatton, Jill Jones, Angela Gardner and Derek Motion.

Anyone with an interest in Australian contemporary poetry should pop over and spend an hour or two checking out the work of some of our best poets. (And check out my two poems too, if you care to.)

I have been away from the computer for a while and I am miles behind in my reading and commenting. I apologise for my absence. But I’m back…

sunonheads exit

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sunonhead is always happy
he thinks tummyful by the riverbank
how does he do that then is distracted
by a flash of silver just beneath the surface

somewhere in the world a monk is happy
and his song carries the river forward
follows the shadow of the sparrow
as her hair cascades down mountainsides
and rivers unfurl
into the sea

there she is thinks sunonhead
and slips beneath the silken surface
ripples radiating behind him
and flattening, smoothing into
the surface of the still lake,

(from The Puzzle Box)

pickpocket song

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“I like the idea of someone pursuing the idea of beauty all their life… perhaps not necessarily a pursuit of romance but of wonderment.” Kiersty Boon

noone does a fagin like my fagin she snarls
smiles and bites an apple
singing and skipping then slowing
seeing a large redfaced creature
lumbering sweatily toward her
Sunday morning slowly passing
passed by s’light
of hand

taking breath from whom as secret,

eye before e except after sea

some sing in shades

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I am reading The Best Australian Poems (ed. Robert Adamson). I am always behind in my reading, so I tend to pick up books as I pass by. Today the book fell open on a incredibly beautiful poem by Peter Minter called, “The Latter Shall Prevail”.

A poem like this is a fabulous surprise and I don’t want to give away any secrets. It is one of those works of art which should be allowed to unfold unfettered in the reader’s mind. A kind of gift from the poet to the reader.

It sings and the pitch with which it sings is perfectly matched to the colours it describes which reflect an emotional tone. It has a kind of musical narrative below the words which are carried on a rhythm that they never quite define. It has a great respect for form without being constrained by it. The poem seems to sit so comfortably within itself. It does not attempt to be something it is not.

And I hesitate to say, it would survive translation into many languages. If you want to experience Australian poetry as it is being written by our finest poets (or just buy it for this one gorgeous Peter Minter poem…

Buy the book.

simple adding and subtracting

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last year i took away a word ‘gravity’
.I’m not so sure that was a good idea
now. I think I will add a few like ‘eucalypt’.
It looks like an anagram which as a tanka began,

(I like the way in this version ‘.I’m’ sits directly above ‘now.’ which makes a small poem inside the larger poem. A tanka officially has a structure. The number of syllabubbles in each line is supposed to be, 5, 7, 5, 7, 7. Although it should be noted that the difference in the basic structure of Japanese and English raises the question of whether these syllable restrictions have much meaning. There are some who suggest the idea or the mood of forms like tanka and haiku are more important than syllable counting. Anyway, that is a long discussion, it has been going on for as long as I have been around. Here is the original poem, changed a little to fit a formal tanka structure. It is interesting to me that the central line is like a version of the tiny poem contained in the first version.)

Last year took away
a word ‘gravity’ not so
sure that was a good

idea now i think i

will add a few like eu ca
lypt looks like an anagram
which as a tanka began

Australia Day 2010

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Soon I will have to extend my walking
into running,

Today observed a citizenship ceremony
which made me smile.
The hibiscus are in bloom and worn with pride
and children dancing with impatience.

There was a cruise ship in the docks,
sparkling white fresh from the pacific.

The river is plumptious.

I am happy.

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