faith is not required

June 5, 2010 at 7:54 am | Posted in poetry, writing | 18 Comments
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between the it is (always) dark(est just
before the (dawn) of her
blink andthe
busyness bustle of
mind the day
there’s an infinitesimal
time the sky

shade of smiling


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  1. Synchronised watches. 1…2…3?

  2. mind the day

    I hear these words in a perky London Underground voice over a PA system

  3. wow, that’s excellent

  4. awesome ending – blue/shade of smiling/eyes – just perfect description there, Paul

  5. paul, how do yr eyes see these moments let alone yr hands write them?

  6. amazing…(I’m left commentless)

  7. intriguing

  8. u r right, faith is not required
    wonders simply exist
    right here right now

  9. The work of a poetic savant. No less than genius, a poetic puzzle box that, when connected properly, reveals a treasure.

  10. ahhh, romance…blue makes a perfect smile

  11. Love it!

  12. Aha-infinite!

  13. And it is thuzlee so, prophet of Oz. The eyes of the ocean meet the sky, and swirl in my vision too like clouds filled with rain for my desert city dwelling to live once more after ten years of bone-bleaching drought.

    I (hope)

    To borrow you device for a bit. A wonderful poem sir, as always.

  14. aaah yes Paul, and haven’t the sky’s been sublime of late. i need to find more time between the blink and the bustle.

  15. And spring always follows winter as good always follows bad, those blue eyes have pierced your writing for so many years now…
    I like your e.e.cummings brackets, they add something, they show your moments of hesitation and reflected ideas. I like it.

  16. One can never spend enough time looking at the sky — always above and yet sometimes not noticed. Of course this sky is partly metaphorical (a lovely sky to consider also, though).

    Well, whatever it is. Notice, I say.

  17. In the small details there lies immeasurable beauty.

  18. This is the beauty woven by Mr. Squires hands that blot out the bleakness of the downside of the upside. Another lovely expression Paul. 🙂

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