Napoleon Hat, Long Johns and a Box of Chocolates

May 19, 2010 at 1:01 pm | Posted in ekphrasia, writing | 9 Comments
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It would be a relief to resort to jaunty nonsense and lurid wooden horses turning circles on an infinity merry go round or perfectly encoded details of a mundane life, ashtrays and nature poems described by one sleepy reviewer as ‘somewhat transportational’ but alas the responsibilities of leadership leave us oblivious he said disentangling himself from the inextricable, emergent. What wild rapids, grinning.

Perhaps we can reconstruct an empty architecture of nouns without verbs, less destabilising of the Takeshi Kitano Nexus, Sir? fers to the sound of ripples revolving round pebbles, sshhh, My life is very smooth these days, my job is easy and well-paying. I have a passport and two bank accounts. I am no longer concerned with the voluptuousness of time (which after all looks after itself as it follows its own tale) nor with vansquishing the inexplicable. Curvature, magnificence and innumerable immaculate details around the hallowed abundant atop however,

Pop. Not so much getting older as homeward bound, oh those tiptoe sounds how they remind of a maypole gyspy wedding dance… still enjoying the gigglest apology, my dear, buttoning his lips and reaching for his hat. Now what’s all this tit tatt, The Who Nexus? The What?

(Dance Of The Veils, Pablo Picasso, at The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg)


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  1. Quintessential Squires. You are on a roll. I always love your Takeshi Kitano Nexus and ‘not so much getting older as homeward bound’ seems good to me.
    Thanks, Gabrielle. Did you see the notes on the Picasso at the Hermitage?
    “The idea of the world’s mystery – that the world can never be known or understood to the full – was characteristic of Spanish visual traditions and central to Picasso’s view of the world. Deforming the structure of the human body, Picasso recreated it from separate movable surfaces covered with energetic hatching. Mixing them, twisting them, he made visible the tense, exciting spinning of the dancer. Like a medium, she seems to be listening to some mysterious music, her closed eyes evidence of her total immersion in its rhythms. Drapery and background too seem to be caught up in the revolving movement. Surfaces intersect one another, break up and shatter, while the black lines which cover them unite space and figure into a single whole.”
    Ekphrasia, hmm,

  2. Perception is ever changing and there is no reality. Ekphrasia and metaphor. What happened to the megaphone?
    It was a little loud. The neighbours complained. So it transmogrified into a box of chocolates. Oh and by purest chance it’s Pete Townshend’s birthday! The Who Nexus? Haha,

  3. all flows, but yet all stays the same. reality is tricky.
    It can be, but fun, Ana.

  4. Paul, very interesting poem. We certainly have a different take on Picasso, don’t we? Hey, that’s what makes like interesting, oui?
    Yes indeed, George, a multiplicity of perspectives.

  5. Intriguing view.
    Yes indeed.

  6. jingles like a bracelet with charms made out of some kind of platinumlike element from another light year and it jangles too with a musical sound and on top of that the vision of picasso! love it, it is really great! imo ‘seeing’ picasso is where vision crosses the line leaps over to the extraordinary. hisprofound influence on modern art created a new ‘language’ of vision, like lascaux, like hieroglyphs. comprehensive. in his time, and ahead of it, a brilliant gifted artist. any traditionalist who argues that cubism is unintelligible bizarre and considers the angle picasso cant draw, has not been exposed to his perfectly representational early work.
    He was a draughtsman of amazing ability, as you say, Tipota. I think it can still be seen in his later work. Sight is not vision.

  7. Oh! I was going to respond with something about the therapeutic nature of sifting quietly through stones on a pebble beach then I noticed that you have a new Puzzle Box cover over there on the right! IS this a new edition on the inside and the out?
    Yes it is, a totally reworked 2nd Edition. The first edition will soon be withdrawn from sale, Brad, thereby making it rare and expensive and tradeable. There will be a general announcement soon.

  8. “I am no longer concerned with the voluptuousness of time (which after all looks after itself as it follows its own tale) nor with vansquishing the inexplicable.

    Amen, amen, amen!

  9. I didn’t realize that I had already commented on the poem, reading it again. And my cursor grabbed this: “the voluptuousness of time (which after all looks after itself as it follows its own tale) nor with vansquishing the inexplicable.” Again.

    I am nothing if not consistent. And this poem is more than a little amazing, but especially the voluptuousness of time and its own tale. Amazes twice.

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