bouquet #2

May 11, 2010 at 2:40 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 9 Comments
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now, in these wider cleaner rooms
with my mind released
from the bounds of daytime madness
with space
i can cling less desperately to
the gentle art of happy endings

from this soil
there is a grief grown
into the fabric of being
and it too is a flower
waxen yellow

perhaps that is courage at its center
and loneliness its pollen round which
gleeful bees gather voracious like
anonymous commuters at a car accident

but, in this act of fantasy, the heart
or this act of fantasy, belief
or this act of imagination, joy
a flower too is grown
the fabric of breath


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  1. A delightful nutshell encapsulation of life…my friend said to me, “the problem with life is that it has no background music” to which I replied, ” It is the greatest tradgedy to believe you are the only one who can hear the music…which is why I write down the words to my songs.” True,a few are sad but life has its sad scenes… ButI know there is a tune left in me to which one might dance.

  2. this is really a fantastic bouquet.
    the last stanza with its breaks and sounds is my favourite..

  3. These bouquets are delightful, Paul.

  4. i thought of fabric mat woven with glass beads and shells on which a bouquet is placed for some reason, beautiful writing

  5. Yet another beautiful bouquet. Thanks.

  6. Every stanza is amazing. The extended metaphor in all 3 bouquets is a work of art. You appear to have overcome your writer’s block with great panache 🙂

  7. clinging less desperately is the ticket — one cannot but cling desperately, yes, but less desperately is better

    this bouquet reminds us that flower occasions are sometimes sad, but the flowers are still lovely

    really lovely flowers here

  8. Lilies. Poignant beauty.

  9. Paul–each stanza was really striking. I found kickass lines in every one of them. Words for the writer’s soul.

    in these wider cleaner rooms…
    i can cling less desperately to
    the gentle art of happy endings

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