Bouquet #1

May 10, 2010 at 2:54 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 8 Comments
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I have breakfast eggs and
daisy tunes accordian style
have forgotten my intention
toes have a certain sureness though,

Comfortableness I invented
wrapped in who with ribbons
made of clouds and balconies
hips will twist to questions though,

Perpetual is variegated eternity
an heraldic tea cup filled
with brims and symphonies
shoulders warm with newness though,

April frangipani curl, a tantrum drum
parsimony seeds in poppy cake
news reports of tonal change,
this tray is getting weighty though
and so,


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  1. I am contemplating the difference between comfortabless and comfort…other than three silly bee syllables, the breakfast eggs made me hungry and I am gone in search of biscuits, bacon and coffee. I’ll return when my belly quits growling.

  2. What a beautiful bouquet. Thanks.

  3. hello! it twists like a frangipani curl. i love the heraldic teacup filled with brims and symphonies and news reports of tonal change. fun to read throughout. beautiful writing thanks!

  4. hello
    i am puzzled
    and gonna give up my idea
    of studying English

  5. such pulsing rhythm here Paul… the last two lines of each verse really centre this poem and give it such strength of voice. Love to hear this one read… maybe SpeedPoets in June?

  6. hello

    I take comfort in your bouquet. Had thought that mine own were somewhat sentimental and would be pereceived as overly traditional.
    But I like flowers. So.

    I like my eternity variegated, and clouds go well with balconies.

    So I’m very happy with this, as I should be.



  7. I find it’s all in the teacup; and ‘variegated eternity’ is spot on as well.

  8. I’ve never been one to smell flowers. A bouquet of flowers – if the right bouquet – doesn’t need an aroma because the thought, colours, feel of the flowers, speaks volumes.

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