mostly blue and some yellow

April 21, 2010 at 6:47 am | Posted in poetry, writing | 18 Comments
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(For a larger, much easier to read version, click on the image above.)


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  1. Pure genius. Strikingly beautiful.

  2. Wow, absolutely stunning poem. A meandering through thoughts and the late afternoon and life and acceptance. The ending is perfect. I love this one. Did you scan that in or photograph it? (I’m still getting my head around wordpress formatting and you seem to have solved the problem).

  3. a clarity of vision so beautifully written it is absolutely breathtaking!

  4. Just a hint of green too in those words floating. I love the way you are experimenting with visuals … the joy in the process shines through in the words.

  5. Stunning Mr. Squires, but I bet you know this. Just stunning work.

  6. the nice thing about this, apart from the amazing poem, is that i have saved it under my images and now and then my screensaver will show me it…

  7. Two poems in one. Love the structure.

  8. I just love it when you wax poetic this way. This is so beautiful. I was just telling Abner he is not a poet just because some girl told him so. It happened like this.

    The chickens got drunk

    eating the leavings from the sour mash.

    They all tried to stand on one leg and fell over so

    I put Abner to standing them up

    so they wouldn’t get brain damage.

    Abner came home from school

    and told me a gal liked that he was a poet.

    So I scratched my head and asked Abner,

    What did you tell that gal?

    He said, “Only, I was up most the night righting poultry”

    Hope you’re smiling. :o)

  9. yum xxx

  10. Paul, you are a genius. This one was like a beautiful chord, made all the more beautiful when played by a musician who is utterly lost in his playing. It stirred up memories in me, of days when slowness was me, and my days were all slowness itself. Memories of how, and not too long ago too, I was in touch with my Self, pausing perpetually and suddenly capable of this stillness with flowers. It has been some time I have been out in my garden by myself, and even if the heat here did not make it impossible, my absence would have remained the same. Memories of a certain innocence when lemon and ginger tea was my staple and i had chosen for a life without the races of rats.

    I am sad that I have lost touch with all of that. And sad that I have also lost touch with your writing. But uncontrollably joyful for how beautifully it continues to grow and blossom like a spring flower in a soft breeze.

  11. paul, realleeee reallleee like this eecummings state of mind… captured the stretch and squeeze of a yawning day passin by…. it is good to come by and smell a light floating scent of something happening… taking time off from the everyday sorta things has made an impression… tho i long for the gay pirate speakin in tongues…

  12. There’s so much to love about this poem, and others say it better than I can — the drifting, the spaces, the longings and acceptance and acquiescence. The teas and topiary clouds (who tamed those clouds into classical shapes?).

    It is stunning indeed and magical, a poem-picture in which one wants to dwell a long,long time.

  13. And with this poem you have achieved greatness.


    Did you know that blue and yellow are complimentary colors?

    On a weird tangent, I also use a garden and flower imagery in a recent poem- but this is just absolutely stunning, Paul. My hat off to you.

  14. lovely, lovely, lovely.

    having gained the benefits / of slowness, the empty pauses / are rich reward between the sometimes rumble . . . (and on)

    I hope this is framed somewhere.

    have you ever joined in the August postcard poetry event? i haven’t, but visual poems such as this would be perfect for it, methinks.

  15. stunning, Paul

    perfect testimony to National Poetry Month here in the States

  16. […] new poem “mostly blue and some yellow” is stunningly beautiful. He posted it the other day on his blog; if you haven’t been there […]

  17. Hi Paul, just thought I’d randomly stop in and see what you are up to — and here I find myself struck with this superb poem! Wow.

    I’d love to say more but I am in the middle of law school exam period! I miss blogging. One more year of law school and then hopefully I can get back in to writing and participating in this lovely blogging community.

    Take care.


  18. missing you today, Paul…miss you most days actually but today I’d sure like to be exchanging emails like we used to do

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