how to wish upon a star

March 28, 2010 at 1:47 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 23 Comments
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on the mildest night you float
balanced on the very apex of this
the prettiest blue-green globe

allow some anonymous sparkling
twinkle with hint of scented candle
to entreat your eye’s attention

there is a silence within
there is a silence without
which only in the absence

of intention, with out will,
your wish fulfills


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  1. Oh! That was a surprise. It is most beautiful and twinkling.

  2. which only in the absence

    of intention, with out will,
    your wish fulfills.

    my feeling exactly .

  3. jesus, squires, you are born again hard. the time away obviously did you well. good better great.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful zen meditation. This is bliss.

  5. Such grace and patience. Beautiful thoughts. Magnificent!

  6. Is that how you do it ‘wish upon a star’. Delightful and meditative. You are back with a buzz.

  7. what a wonderful poem. such a gift. elegant and eloquent, and i love the title!

  8. A lot of gratitude is expressed in that poem; thank you.

  9. I think it has never been defined quite so exactly before

  10. So good to have you back Paul!

  11. I read this and wondered what on earth does it mean?! Such an amazing spare use of magical words. I decided I have to print this one and carry it around a while. I need to live with it — and read it also with a starry night above. This beautiful thing has flowed in with the tide, found on the beach, still covered with foam. Ah!

  12. Good instructions.

  13. Its the lack of silence within that’s killing me slowly, Paul. Did I say how wonderful this is? You hit that third note.

  14. This was so beautiful. It could be set to music so easily, the meter perfect…

    Wishes all around, of the best and of better.

    Just lurking as of late, catching my breath from my adventures in the southlands of this country.

    Peace out, sir!

  15. A beautiful proof that wishful thinking is not a misdemeanour.

  16. hello, the simpliest of gestures brings us such happiness… floating is the puurrkection…. and then again, the stars, the flame… sigh,

  17. Every time I anonymously sparkle, I get in trouble.

    Beautiful, Paul.

  18. Paul!

  19. a void to fill. i read this 5 times before commenting. its a real, contemplative wonder

  20. aw, Paul, that’s lovely. it’s wonderful to say, too, it tingles the mouth.

    You’re not participating in the 30 poems in 30 days for April? Oh, well, perhaps April is not national poetry month in Australia. 🙂

  21. Confidence. It is such a beautifully complete statement of within-ness and without-ness

  22. Have you ever read A Child’s Dream of a Star by Charles Dickens? It’s a page and a half at most and well worth the read. It’s also online somewhere. Anyway, this was very elegant and eloquent and a pleasure to read. And I shall bear it in remembrance the next time I wish upon a star. F.G.

  23. This is one of those situations where answering each comment individually would take a long time and consist of fifteen different ways of saying thankyou. All the years I have been doing this, I still haven’t figured out how the best way to deal with comments. Except for typing Thankyou! They are beautiful gifts.

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