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“to do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art” Charles Bukowski

before humans invented language and language invented good and evil and good and evil invented god

no badgers nor badgering from which we all suffer insufferably the telling the tailing to not do again the already done, say badges of, oh no, not honour, a word which meant when,

thanking, Karl Marx whose revolution over ownership of the means of production mistook this i-magi-nation revolution of ownership of consciousness

who in thanking too gifts some merger in the dark pool of perpetual ancestry who

have always loved circles which tilted seem spirals,

some will grasp at good others lazily drift into a poor excuse for evil whilst we seek leave to be what we weave

all language into a short spell amongst the occasionally hostile, the hospitable, whilst washing minor trivialities from purple robes whilst whistling, I’m Henry the Eighth I am I am,

i miss what i miss, colours, especially
blue surreal sky blue

travels, travails, the end of time again, washes over, remembering to forget, and all the humans interposed, interpreted, let them go, pass into the vague abstract grey,

their lives each moment a precipice into which they fall feet first catching the spinning earth

“or you walking naked out of the bathroom without seeing me” Charles Bukowski


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  1. Perfect.

  2. If there were no such thing as language, dogs would rule the world.

  3. When I read you, I am empowered by thoughts of how lucky I am to be reading you. If I can be more obtuse, I shall: It’s that you are so very good – such a quintessential poet – that you will likely never be a household name. (Ha ha – as if there are such things among other than poets.) So for me, way over here in a corner of my world, to have access to an amazing Australian poet way over there is such a profound pleasure. I feel honored every time.

    I like feeling a bit elitist to have discovered you.

    Sorry for the speech. But your works get me choked up in a “groupie” sort of way.

    Love the line about tilted circles.

  4. love the way it starts, the way it ends, and the way it speaks throughout. unique, exciting writing. it is a privilege to read. true, masterful and a pleasure too.

  5. Thanks everybody. I am having a short stint away from everything bloggoland and internet but will be back soon. You are all fantastically wonderful and as I have said many times, your comments and support are the most precious gifts.

  6. so with “to do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art” Bukowski describes himself as an artist. i like. don’t stay away too long Paul.

  7. “leave to be what we weave”

    I knew that’s why you were silent — that you were being poetry. Good to have you back, though your silence — one realizes — is creative and creating.

  8. aha! you were holding out on us, you old bastard! i think you know how good this is or you wouldn’t have chosen it as yr “boy howdy” back to the blogworld. ah well, i’ll bite: it’s good, real good, maybe as good as anybody at their best. really.

  9. Lovely exchange of back & forth…

  10. I love “Before humans invented language and language invented good and evil and good and evil invented god”…among many other wonderful lines. Welcome back!

  11. Just amazing. Glad you’re back.

  12. “before humans invented language and language invented good end evil and good and evil invented god” = I wonder if the people that need to understand this line could possibly understand this line?

    Completely dig it.

  13. Congratulations on your inclusion in foam-e (fantastic poems – very moving). Being well behaved is obviously paying off, but we wouldn’t want you too well behaved. I love the last line in badges – sums it up I feel. Have been missing you heaps.

  14. yes, excellent, I’ll be pondering the first sentence for a while

  15. I’d say this is unmistakeably art, particularly loved the invention life cycle!

  16. agreement, support, confirmation, and concurrance from me, on, for, and with, all the above comments by more eloquent readers than I am.
    cheers Ginga.

  17. Hello from Ukraine !

    Yes, this the very nice poem, I liked it, very much, thank you for it !

    Now, I will read more of your !



    Rivne – Ukraine.

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