The world goes madder as I get saner

February 25, 2010 at 8:07 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 22 Comments
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In my early days I would have
spun a pun on

over blowing things up he is
opting for wigging other people out
in the moment.

His source of greatest pride is
that I have managed to wig you
out of all people.

Today was a’messing with



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  1. lol. this is well cool

  2. and it gets even worse..
    wonder what is it good for….
    becoming sane i mean

  3. A great play on words. Lovely.

  4. But what the hell happened to the ‘whigs’ in all this wigging? This was funny. 🙂

  5. ah, shitballs. i read brad’s pome before this one. all makes more sense now. two great tastes that taste great together.

  6. yeah I did the same thing as jason. like syntax of this one, witty.

  7. I think I have always been mad and the rest of the world is just now catching up with me…

  8. Wigging people out is a much saner option than blowing things up.

  9. was there spanking involved? 🙂

  10. SOOO, in your old age, you’re going senile and relying on stream-of-thought associations as opposed to nietzchian predetermined maneuevers…lol u know, maybe that’s all that alzheimers is – stream of thought consciousness in short intense intervals… -“wigging” it’s funny how certain words possess poets…well, that comment made little sense.

  11. Great poetry, you left me wondering how one can know if one get’s saner, because I can infer I get crazier sometimes, and usually got the feeling that the world is getting crazier, but never got an insight making me believe I am saner myself.

  12. finding an unexpected treasure is everything…good on ya…

  13. very nice! yknow Mr.Squires, I was thinking about the world and other very important things today, and I remembered in contrast what you said – about life, being simple and fluid and wondrous

    I wanted to say thank you, I forget how amazing you are so often

  14. Nice one, Paul.

    I’m a big fan of ‘wig-outs’ (musically speaking, or otherwise).

    Coincidentally I did some messing with ‘nonchalant / chalant’ in a poem a few months ago. I seem to remember this was inspired by a comment on a blog, can’t remember the context though. Who knows, it may’ve been a comment on gingatao!

  15. Write more, I think. Wigs get itchy if you keep them on too long. Apparently.

  16. Paul, your silence is too loud. I miss your words. Hope all is well with you, on your corner of the globe.

  17. yes, my friend, too quiet. must agree with harmonie. are you drinking with chris bailey again?

  18. Boo! Where’s your other blog gone?

  19. always wondered where phrase “wigging me out” came from. keep on word playin’

    word playa

  20. Love this but where are you? Hope to see you back soon.

  21. Today I totally felt like this… and it made me wonder the reverse, maybe it is me getting madder and the world getting saner. Either way, today I felt at odds with things.

  22. This title deserves its place as the title of your next collection, Squires!

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