Valentines Day Poem

February 14, 2010 at 7:39 am | Posted in poetry, writing | 14 Comments
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First day, Year Of The Cat, my love,
imagine that, sharing secret cheshire grins
about the world a’whirling in its mad and wondrous futile spin

Second day Year of the Cat, my dear,
we shall be en-bereted hep and Jazzy cats tootling
wild and fulsome toons which chase the blue and lonely moon

Third day Year of the Cat should be
fireside curled a’purr with warmth just drowsing through,
a mutual life radiant as you, whispering, together any dream will do

Fourth day Year of the Cat and all the many after that
we will spend our lazy days beside ourselves as further proof
there is no word on earth can come between the one the you and me the two


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  1. i can’t say why
    but this part

    First day, Year Of The Cat, my love,
    imagine that

    reads so great to me. had to repeat it like twenty three times..

  2. Beautiful, Paul. Especially that last verse, which reads like a lovely prayer. Good to be back reading Squires. I’ve missed you!

  3. Well, thufferin thuckatash, wasn’t that a lovely poem! As a person born in the year of the tiger, I must compliment your tribute to the year and to the spirit of Valentines day. Very nice Mr. Squires.

  4. Beautiful,

  5. lovely and fun

  6. You wrote a much nicer one than I did, haha. This is one to put down in the Legend.

  7. beautiful breezy stanzas, love the fourth one especially

  8. Awww, beautiful 😀 I love the whimsical images and feel of this! Lovely enough to soften the toughest tom cat!

  9. What a beautifull poem! you myst really love the person who inspired the text in the post. It is so sweet and clever, It is also wise and a little naive which is perfect for love.

  10. gorgeous! beautiful! possibly my all time favourite Paul Squires poem 🙂 each time i read this I am filled with images of fabulous drawings, of white tigers curled by firesides, and semi quavers escaping saxaphones etc…just lovely thank you 🙂

  11. very gentle and warm and loving yet the power rests below the surface

  12. Nice poem for Year of the Tiger. Looks like there may be more stanzas to come – hope so.

  13. fireside curled a’purr with warmth just drowsing through

    how meltworthy is that??

    beautiful writingheart, Paul …

  14. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brithened my day!

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