Australia Day 2010

January 26, 2010 at 8:39 am | Posted in australian poetry | 21 Comments
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Soon I will have to extend my walking
into running,

Today observed a citizenship ceremony
which made me smile.
The hibiscus are in bloom and worn with pride
and children dancing with impatience.

There was a cruise ship in the docks,
sparkling white fresh from the pacific.

The river is plumptious.

I am happy.


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  1. This is really nice… “the children are dancing with impatience”… like it’s going to get them somewhere. Very nice.

  2. It is lovely when the hibiscus bloom and when everyone is happy! I love your ‘plumptious’ river. Good to see you. Happy Australia Day from the land of the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.
    They are some of my favourite birds, Gabrielle. Chatterboxes. I am feeling plumptious myself today.

  3. Paul, this is a striking poem, with beauty between such strong opening and closing lines.

    “Soon I will have to extend my walking
    into running” = grand.

    A very enjoyable read that is accompanied by a sense of calmness and contentment. A slightly different voice for you (that has appeared before and I’m sure will again).
    Always chasing new ones, Bryan. The enemy of art is complacency. Your career is going skyrockets and that makes me very happy for many reasons.

  4. I like that you have found happiness….. and think I know exactly where you are. And I just returned home from a long walk, I tried to run but walking is just so much more…..contemplative.
    Randall! You know me, contemplative only lasts so long. I am still looking for my birth certificate. See you soonish.

  5. There are some good things about Australia day, but I worry about too much nationalistic fervour. Not that this is likely here in Australia, where our identity is so ill defined and we are so young at one level, since European settlement and so old, in terms of our indigenous ancestry.

    Your poem highlights one of the good things. I love citizenship ceremonies. It’s like welcoming people home.

    I suppose I can’t have it both ways but it all troubles me nevertheless.

    Terrific poem, Paul.

  6. I was fantasising about running today, whilst slumped in my lounge chair drinking coffee and contemplating my navel, which is distressingly closer to my eyes than it used to be.
    Mine too. Still it makes it easy to gaze into, Samantha.

  7. i am trying to get the energy to start with the running. the wish is there, just not the willpower. what time of day to you plan on doing your running?
    I run randomly, when the whim arises. Did you like my little poem?

  8. I can see you.
    How odd. Your tiny tales are superb Ms Squirrel.

  9. what a relief. i was worried it would be another angry protest at jingoistic aussie tendencies this Australia Day. not that i have the right to comment, i havent had an Australia Day at home for ten years, but still…thanks for the positive vibe…lovely

  10. Oh my gawd, Mr. Squires is at peace and happy! Brilliant Paul, and this nice bit of wordy art is proof that it looks good on you. You’ve caught your stride and it’s wonderful.

  11. Beautiful Paul…

  12. Plumptious is one of my favourite words. I like to write it on things and on people.

    I am glad that you are happy amongst the hibiscus. It seems to me that you have a huge capacity for happiness and that is one of the reasons I so admire you. Happy Australia Day to you and yours.

  13. As always, a delight, Paul, and the word “plumptious” made my day. 🙂

  14. Yay for holidays and for poems that take you on one!

  15. of course i like your poem!
    it was plumptious.

  16. Thank you for restoring some lovely back into my tainted view of Australia Day.

  17. lovely celabratory poem… laps in summer, run in winter hee hee 🙂 thats my motto

  18. Beautifull poetry. Thanks ging (If I may call you like that)

  19. plumptious…

    Someone once called me that very thing… sounds friendlier than zoftig…

  20. A nice tribute to a good day. Really enjoyed.

  21. You certainly have a way with words!

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