upstairs the naked ladies dance

January 4, 2010 at 7:56 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 13 Comments
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…the drunken cartographer
is lost in his charts
need and power comets stars
navel naval arts and arse…

F. stumbling over mid-sentence this place could be perfection
transients, insentient, wallowing in exile, coming
(looks up, for what, D minor, C)
the docks, the stocks
some wriggling some squiggling
(the old man’s not back come Wednesday,
damn Morrison-Huxley Effect again,)
we gotta stash ‘em some w here.

Downstairs in a ill-lit room a tiny man
sits on a wooden chair running hands
through victim’s hair
a wicked grin
whilst scribbling inside an ancient manifest.
“manifest – to reveal one’s presence”,
not ghost but most unwanted guest,
manifest, oh, manifest
your music with your words be dressed
manifest, oh, manifest
ullulates and incarnates
ungibberished hey presto,
from a’maze of silly sounds
bring forth your manifesto,


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  1. Hahahahahaha, you are incroyable, Tipota! Laughing in the morning is a beautiful thing, thankyou!

  2. excellent rhythm and interspersed rhymes, a flowing surrealism that would have William Burroughs dropping his needle in awe, and Filippo Marinetti shutting up long enough to listen

  3. Ullulates is such an incredible, rarely used word. That, and the tiny man in the ill-lit room make this a truly worthwhile read!

  4. Your poem makes me nostalgic for Beckett. Thanks for the slice of inspiration…..

  5. Bravo!!!! The crowd roars it’s approval. Your manifesto incantation is splendiferous. And tipota – you are one funny person and have beat eveyone to the punchline – I can’t stop laughing at your youtube in a comment box, it just fits perfectly with all that has been going around lately.

  6. Fantastic! Everything about it is magic. : )

  7. What amazing sounds and words and wending this way and that. I love it.

  8. manifest, oh, manifest
    your music with your words be dressed


  9. Oh, this is wild and wonderful and rhythmic and musical. To dance to! 🙂

  10. The beat formed by the music of your words is wonderful indeed!

  11. i confess i did not know of the ullulates. in alaska and ulu is a knife. that was my frame of reference lol. lovely squiggly rhythms Mr Squires. Always good to come around

  12. Beautiful lyrical work without being predictable. Bravo, loved the craft of this.

  13. Thankyou! That is as glorious a shower of compliments, no artist could hope for more.

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