James Joyce meets Banjo

December 10, 2009 at 7:20 pm | Posted in poetry | 9 Comments
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oh no not a noth er James Joyce contortion
tiggers got a new car poem
by which i mean unread a bubble
quick,  just the badge and
gone,  V8 Valiant
ex -SA Police Pursuit vehicle
es caped

this particular
Ascot Ladies Poetry Society.


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  1. If you don’t hit the link, you haven’t experienced the humour which is essential to surrealism. If you don’t hit the link, you have not fully experienced the poem, which is about class.

  2. I like this Paul – I was sucked in and convinced without the image – but it certainly adds something!

    I also love the flash/gone image of the ‘police pursuit vehicle’

  3. Did I hear the sound of plums in the mouths of some
    as that Valiant went flying by.
    My Dad had a Valiant station wagon
    I’d feel sick from the petrol fumes that were ever present in the rear section of the car where I was relegated. Fame often comes to those after death – I can’t believe James Joyce was a contortionist to earn a living. I love the double meaning with ‘unrearviewable’ (review, read).

  4. Cool man
    I must confess that almost half of the time I was trying to read the Ulyses I wondered why didn’t Joyce decicated himself to play the banjo.

  5. what a joy!

  6. I got the song, I got the image, i didnt get no class 😦 …. ah well its not news 🙂

  7. My friend in high school had a valiant. We’d escape the wretched dances that passed for entertainment for girls in their teens and go drink gin & tonics in that big old car and listen to the am radio. I always felt like that banjo player no matter how much or how little I drank.

    tiggers are wonderful things by the way

  8. lol@the image…hmmm, tigger FTW, that perky cat will get under the skin whether you like it or not lol and I am thinking the merc will roflpawn the valiant, there is nooooo escape…..netherthless really enjoyed this poem loads of lols

  9. O I should have added, drive faster, keep checking in that “unrearviewable” /giggle

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