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some words are beautiful all by themselves
the abstract after all
so crystalline

“some say we should keep personal remorse from the poem” Chucky, but we disagree most unpleasantly over attitude and scent. And that goddamn Woody Guthrie poster, tear it down
some vague chance of rain, man

or beer. no genius, no creativity, no planet, barren as a king forsaken

give it bright blue eyes in a clear night sky

you know in some societies they respect the dissenting voice, some make treasure of it, though rarely by pandering
to all those other silent creepy things in darkened corners, tuning radar beeping, anonomatterpayeah, to dance with daemons one must partly daemon be when
disbelief becomes so rapidly
most purely and like diamond crystalline


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  1. Charles Bukowski – to the whore who took my poems

  2. the title all by itself is a beautiful word
    the idea of the abstract crystalline –
    what a wonderfull wow it is

  3. Love ‘anonmatterpayeah’. There are indeed many words which are beautiful by themselves. You have a lot of double letters in this one! The good thing about poetry is that you can do exactly what you want.

  4. This poem sighs in its brilliance… I love this in particular, ‘give it bright blue eyes in a clear night sky’ … an image that will stay with me long after I leave this page.

  5. You just have so much fun…

  6. Love the crystalline diamond disbelief utterly spot on and beautiful :)!

  7. Paul, wow.

  8. So much of beauty is lavish, abundant, there all by itself, appearing without anyone’s understanding, more than sense can take in.

    Like this poem — which is rich in beauty, all textured with it.

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