the transgressive experimental

October 19, 2009 at 6:37 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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softly scented whispers drifting words
like fingertips poem this, or lace perhaps
invites a shy transgression overlaps hibiscus
songs interpolate a minor wrong in triplicate

quick slipped a silent underpass
slyness through a poem blissed
an unlit bloom in midnight room,
caressed in subtle duplicate tightly

there just under where a softly scented
whisper lingers in a repetitious tit for tat
where once a linguist army gathered
apples under umber skies

remains without remorse a kiss,
a kiss, a kiss of course


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  1. I was going to say ‘like fingertips poem this’ does not read right to my ears, but then further reading ‘slyness through a poem blissed’ makes such work and I am liking this, you.Especially the third stanza.

  2. this flows nicely,

  3. upfront the title scared me, something about the gressive part of trans and experimental
    the linguist army too and the umber skies though not painted harshly are terrifying
    it makes me want to look for blue somewhere and avoid kissing
    (aside-i love that vodpod matisse piece and then i think of how studies/experiment/investigation can seem like repetition, how many times did matisse investigate the play of flat color shapes and circles and starry things but i know from personal experience that each query is new, even tho one could investigate just one molecule for a lifetime and not be finished ever, maybe thats the scary thing after all)
    anyway it turns out 2b an unforgettable poem for all time

  4. A sonnet with three kisses – hey! This is packed full of delicious stuff to be unraveled. ‘where once a linguist army gathered
    apples under umber skies’ is a gem. Internal rhymes are suitably experimental for a sonnet.

  5. i’m still making up my mind. is all poetry experimental, or is none of it?

  6. sssssoft and beautiful.

  7. such sweet, sweet music Paul… and sealed with a kiss. who said romance was dead!

  8. I felt relieved after reading this 🙂 Though there is still a touch of sadness in it, it flows with grace and gentleness.

  9. Oooh, beautiful — I love how the sounds work with one another in this poem, and how the images play off one another in such exquisite harmony.

  10. gorgeous and very flirtatious Paul

    would love to hear these words from your lips

  11. beautiful….

  12. memories n reflections…being wrapped in a familiar shawl…cozy…carefree joys of youth…safe n happy…
    viva Po!

  13. Lovely linebreaking interpolation a kiss a kiss a kiss

  14. what a beautiful bit of word lace this is

  15. Bravo!

  16. […] gingatao laid his sonnet on the table and I thought I’d raise him a […]

  17. Hello there Mr Squires – I do so LOVE this poetry of yours. This is one to read aloud and savour the textured sounds your words have me weaving…just lovely.

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