The pianoplayer plays “Ham and Cheese Sandwich”

October 10, 2009 at 9:37 am | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, links, memoirs | 9 Comments
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‘Surprises and Apologies’ perhaps reminded of ‘Ornithology’.
Sometimes he just drifts around til he finds a boat
But I remember saying over and over that you rock those

and paddling around on a flat sea without an  F# is quite boring.

Boing splat, some semi-aquatic half amphibian, ripple e dee, I have decided it is best I never arrive in Melbourne.

But any time you are up in Brisbane or perhaps in some New York basement nightclub art gallery with a black baby grand
I am going to do what ever I can
to get you roaring drunk, Pam Brown. Cin cin,


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  1. I’ll just apologise to regular readers who might not know the cast of characters, but I hope it is a nice sound poem, even if you take away all the meaning from the words, as well as a way of connecting two ideas about poetry, its practice and the context in which that practice takes place can be very difficult to disentwine.

  2. I see the piano player’s point (about the flat sea and the missing key).What’s the poem without the waving dance ? …and some bubbly champagne (for those who need not to abstain).
    Off topic: the title made me think of green eggs and ham. Maybe because I am at work and I had only a light breakfast…

  3. Delightful sound poem; I can even hear a tune for it in my mind, and I love the carefree sound of the word “ripple e dee.”

  4. I don’t know the cast of characters but I loved the poem. I like the play on musical terminology, floating on a flat sea, is floating on C flat which is actually B written in a complex key signature.

  5. Thanks everybody. Pam is a legend of Australian poetry, and a bit of a trouble maker, which is supercool. I was worried I was the only troublemaking Australian poet left in the world, and then Pam let rip which made me very happy. I am looking forward to some of the very important people answering some of her many questions. Surprises and apologies, because I was surprised and I have given Ms Brown some stick in the past, boing splat, sorry, the old frog jumping in the pond, I like the way F# looks like a politely typed swear word, which relates to the trouble making, ripple, e, d, like coming out arpeggio of a C flat chord, never going to ‘arrive’ as in my career is successful in Melbourne, New York, because Ms Brown is a big fan of the New York school language poets, and yayayaya, get Pam Brown drunk and set her to typing abut Australian Poetry everyday I say.

  6. You are the grand mix-master Paul and we love it.

  7. Yeah, it can be fun to rock the boat when the sea is calm but it may not get you anywhere apart from sucking on a salt tab. Ride those white horses, I say. You do it so well.

  8. would he play chicken sandwich on the side too please…
    maybe a giant frog boinging doesnt alight for long
    in melbourne?

  9. I wonder what Pam would say to that!

    ‘I have decided it is best I never arrive in Melbourne.’ Really?

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