Gingatao a work of “of significance and long-term research value.” The National Library Of Australia.

October 8, 2009 at 6:27 pm | Posted in writing | 27 Comments

Bring back the prose stylists, I say. First nobody mention Marcuse on acronyms, or Squires will get reactionary again.

Gingatao has been selected for some reason as part of the Notional Library of Australia’s  Digital Archive.

NLADA, I would have called it, or PANDA, as in proud as, but someone in The National Government decided to call it PANDORA. Well fair enough,


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    Is that awesome or is that AWESOME!?
    That calls for a drink. Or many drinks, perhaps!

  2. fair enough! ha ha that is great. pandora is cool too like a wideangle panning vision of gifts (dora) many congratulations!!!

  3. Bout time two. Fabulous.

  4. This is indeed awesome, and well deserved.

    I like the PANDORA selection guidelines… “PANDORA is a selective archive. The National Library and its partners do not attempt to collect all Australian online publications and web sites, but select those that they consider are of significance and to have long-term research value.”

    Well done Paul, “of significance and long-term research value”.

  5. Thankyou! I will treasure your congratulations. It’s a small party but one of true friends and companions.

  6. Oh no, I’m late for the party – I was looking for a great bottle of whiskey. Congrats Paul – we always knew gingatao was “of significance and long-term research value” so were one step ahead of the stuffy hat brigade.

  7. This is amazing. You are formally acknowledged by your country and officially copyrighted. You are essentially digitally published and about the become the subject of numerous doctoral dissertations the world over. We knew you first! Don’t forget us!

  8. Awesome truly, and who says the world has lousy taste!

  9. The party is underway. Bring on the dancers and the giant cake!

  10. I’ll bring some lollies – for all of you who have given up alcohol.

  11. don’t forget the bubbly champagne

  12. that’s great news, very exciting!

  13. And has caused a relapse into four entire bottles of beer, shame,

  14. Congrats my friend 🙂 Drinks are on me if you ever come across the big pond…

  15. This is great news. Congrats Paul.

  16. Right well earned! Hurray, Paul! Sipping apple cider in your honor right now. Raising a glass for Paul …

  17. The party was so wild we broke wordpress for an hour or two, couldn’t get into the blog. Now where were we, that’s right, the giant cake with someone inside. But who is it going to be,

  18. Ai yi yi! Congratulations, Paul! And who else could the person in the cake be, but you? 🙂

  19. Boing! Surprise, it is me indeed Thomma Lyn, covered in pink icing and waving a glass of ginga ale, Happy Sundayayayaya,

  20. I hope the party is still raging Paul… this is reason to celebrate.

  21. This is good news Paul – and good on you for nominating!

  22. Maxine and Graham! Hello and thankyou. There was no nominating or submitting, it was no honour bestowed from nowhere and as such a very pleasant surprise.
    “The purpose of the PANDORA Archive is to collect and provide long-term access to selected online publications and web sites that are about Australia, are by an Australian author on a subject of social, political, cultural, religious, scientific or economic significance and relevance to Australia, or are by an Australian author of recognised authority and make a contribution to international knowledge.”

  23. good deal and all that and of course you are most deserving and is that a party hat over there by the champagne? let’s put them on and have a toast to Squires shall we?

  24. Yes, I’ll drink to that. Immediate after work. A toast in your honor from another hemisphere!

  25. that’s my man!

  26. I’m sending you a virtual bottle of champagne!

  27. oh yeah!!!!!! that’s amazing!! and well deserved!!!

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