The importance of blowing things up

October 7, 2009 at 5:12 pm | Posted in writing | 18 Comments

Balloons for instance and sails
the genius bubble and your
nipples, so many things depend
on sucking and blowing
saxophones, didgeridoos
occassional lollypops too

I am giving up smoking and drinking whiskey. It is obviously the right thing to do and I can’t go on indulging every whim. I must learn to rhyme with discipline. Oh, and I have to tell you something, life is an amazing adventure and if yours isn’t sufficiently exciting to keep you interested, you should try believing in something.


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  1. Very clever Squires – works on so many levels (blowing up the genius bubble!). And I have to tell you something – if you must give up the good things in life, beware the ‘pop-up effect’ – suppress one thing and another pops up in it’s place and of oral nature it will be – unfortunately (how that rhymes too). Good luck with that.

  2. Gee, that wasn’t very supportive of me was it – I take it back – it’s great you are giving up smoking and whiskey and I’m sure the things that pop up will be good things. Chuckle, chuckle.
    Ahem, decorum, Mrs Bryden, chuckle chuckle,

  3. theres something about this that makes me laugh even while i believe it, ‘you should try believing in something’ is a great thing to quote and if u dont mind i shall do so every so often
    Few things in the world give me more pleasure than being quoted, Tipota, especially by colleagues and peers and you.

  4. I was talking about eating – what else would I mean?
    I have no idea, sorry. I just have one of those minds that looks for alternatives. I am heeding your advice and will try to fundamentally change my character. Hmmm,

  5. It reminds of this joke about a woman whose husband goes to one vice to another and each time he changes them (the vices) she goes to an older friend for advice. So first he stops smoking and starts drinking:
    -What am I going to do, tells the wife to her friend, now he spends all that money on booze.
    -Don’t worry he’s going to get over it.
    Then he quits drinking, and starts gambling.
    -Now, cries the wife, he spends all his pay in a night…
    -He is going to be over it, says reassuringly her friend.
    After a while he does stop gambling.
    -Now, says the wife, he spends all his money on women.[sigh!] I guess he’s going to get over this too.
    But the friend looks now at her with an worried face:
    -Oh, poor girl, they never get over that, I’m afraid….

  6. This is cool, I have given up drinking and gambling, I kept the smoking for fear of what it might be replaced with, I like how you have placed it under a banner, ‘the importance of blowing things up’! I’ll now file my relationships, bad memories, failed career paths and that Seinfeld episode I accidentally watched under this banner and forget all about them.

  7. Start – by blowing something up. Like Tony or his dad Phil (or the other way was it) Hall blew my mind, “poetry has become nothing more than a badge of class distinction, of middle class pretension, oh I think I shall be a poet,

  8. very nice. I especially liked “genius bubble”- how provocative!

    Are you really giving up drinking and smoking, Squires? I need to follow your lead, all these young people I’ve been running around with, drinking like fish, smoking like chimneys, I have been a very bad girl lately.

  9. Ah, more brilliance. I read this and could only think “damn, wish I could write like that” alas. Forgive me – but I must say: yer da bomb…

    I’ve already given up all the vices I care to – For what/who is more irritating and more of a bore than the person who is all virtue?

    So I shall continue to drink too much coffee, eat biscuits and bacon, and read poetry. As you can see. my vices are all about oral. How delicious.

  10. Thou art a genius. And always have been…

  11. 😀 absolutely!

  12. Drinking, smoking? Don’t even do ’em. Chocolate. That’s my thing. It’s not even a vice, is it? If so, no matter. I’m not giving it up. Taxes, house cleaning would gladly surrender. But, chocolate is a virtue.

    Lovely poem that’s got us all thinking (me, about chocolate).

    Other virtues: long walks, sitting in a dark room at midnight thinking, coffee (somebody already mentioned it), Squire’s poetry.

  13. hehe, this gave me the gigglesnorts. And yes, yes, yes on amazing adventure. Writing. Poetry. Laughing my butt off. Kitty cuddling. Mountain hiking. Growing corn sprouts. Seeing the beauty in nature and in the sky and wisdom and wit in people and their creations.

  14. Neat. A slow tiny container fire can also be a time sink. sync?

  15. Let’s all inflate birds and release them from rooftops!

  16. Funny, you. A smile now on my face……..somewhat. I think this is why I enjoy reading you. Your versatility with words/subjects.

  17. I like this one mcPaulus…tires are good for blowing up too.

    It’s spring for you- and an especially good time to quit smoking and whiskey. It’s fall for us–a good time for a little whiskey.

  18. its about seeing the potential in things, do some people get too lazy to carry on seeing that?

    Sometimes the best rhymes just happen, i find them unexpectedly in my poems….

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