The Overland Interview

September 15, 2009 at 9:53 am | Posted in australian poetry, blogging, writing | 22 Comments
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Overland is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious literary journals with a particular focus on the nexus of culture and politics. So I am proud as a penguin and consider it something of a career highlight to be interviewed in their blog by the incomparable Maxine Clarke.

click here – The Overland Interview


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  1. congrats. have a great night.

  2. this is exciting news!!!

  3. Congratulations paul, you deserve it for sure, I discover this journal recently and it is amazing. I discovered trough maxine’s blog, who writes awesome words.

  4. Congratulations – about time too! Talk about leaving you to the last minute – leaving the best till last I suppose.

  5. Late Paul, but you’re actually getting the best airtime – everyone home from Overload and checking the blog. Now, I better get over there and round the whole thing off x

  6. Paul, you rock!

    Your pal,

  7. Congrats Paul! This is quite the honor!

  8. fabulous, inspiring, real and fun. this is important but then your work has always been that way-your voice is important. i am so glad you do what you do. many happy returns coming your way and well wishes reach over the horizon and jangle in your pocket from all over the globe

  9. Glad to hear your wonderful news. Congratulations! From America, I salute you!

  10. enjoyed the interview enormously Paul :D!! Congratulations, this is wonderful for you!!

  11. Congratulations, and my hat is off to you for a truly outstanding interview! And “The Pornography of the Self” is a delight — gave me a case of chronic gigglesnorts.

  12. It’s a great interview Paul! 🙂

  13. Congratulations, Paul! Your interview with me will be up on 28th – not as prestigious, but I’m pleased as punch to host you nonetheless. And I’ve given this place a mention in my Book Blogger Appreciation Week post today 🙂

  14. Great interview! Congrats. However, I had no idea you were such a great man! I thought you were just a guy. But then, I’m a clueless American. I guess that’s the reason.

    Seriously, though… this was a wonderful interview.

    “I honestly don’t think that in twenty years from now we’ll be talking about some guy in Queensland called Paul Squires – there will be an icon called Gingatao.” (comment on the interview from Alec Patric)

    You know, I honestly believe that. I do.

  15. Well done, you. Richly deserved.

    BTW I am still tweaking her, I am not happy. I let her fly too early *sigh* Thank you for your kind comment though.

  16. I seen once a movie were people who were still remembered after death went to this luxurios hotel until the day they were forgotten and they started floating on some grey lanscape. So, mr. Famous :), I need to get my name connected with yors now somehow,since I’d rather spend my eternity in a hotel than some floating gray foggy stuff (I’m alergic to fog ;))

    seriously, congratulations. it was the time…

  17. Ah..this is great. Can not wait to read it!

  18. congrats!

  19. This was a wonderful interview. I love what you said about people stealing your work just as easily in print. I never thought of it that way. You sound like the rebel-genius you are.

  20. that’s pretty hot spit! congrats!

  21. Wow! Thanks everybody. I must admit that was enjoyable. Time for a few changes, I think. Now, where was I,

  22. how did i miss this? damn new job, takin’ up all my time! my two heroes of australian poetry, this is truly a marvel team-up of gorgantuan proportin!

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