two diplomatic encounters

September 10, 2009 at 4:53 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 22 Comments
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accidental contact caused by
close proximity
automatic alliance formed
of finger twining hand embrace

clandestine maneuvers
under cover
of duvets
involving exploratory
espionage by cold toes
seeking adventure


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  1. Excelent poem paul, it is great, you seem to be talking about something but indeed you are talking about somethig else whish is a fun subject to talk about using that special way you have to write.

    Take care

  2. Absolutely gorgeous – and very cute!

  3. ‘under cover of duvets’, that is lovely
    and warms the toes

  4. this is terrific. love those last two lines. have a great day.

  5. Maneuvers. How did that happen? You sent me on a google run. We’re both right, haha.
    Lovely kisses here and clandestine is such a wonderful word, like warm syrup in the mind.

  6. Oh, such a beautiful allusion! As Gabrielle said it, Absolutely gorgeous – and very cute!
    And I think to myself, what a wonderful world,
    lovers exploring each other through subtle embraces
    even as the petals of a rose bloom

  7. Lovely. I usually go on a bit, but really… Lovely.

  8. Clever, you. Delightfully fun to “hear” I read it aloud to myself in first a clipped reporter’s voice, which was just odd fun. Then I read it in a lower, slower, more sultry phone sex voice, in which the word “duvets” can be drawn out ever so long. And that was another kind of fun 😉

  9. chuckling. I had this image flashing before my “imaginative” eyes -the sweet persona of a naughty person. and “maneuvers” is quite the right word. a l’amour comme a la guerre, quoi …

  10. *faints*

  11. innocents!

  12. as above, so below…the covers

  13. I liked it…especially the exploratory cold toes. Know that well

  14. After a brief time away, it is very good to come back and wallow in your words. Mmmmm, poetry (drool).

  15. Oh I just love this…especially the last two lines. Fantastic, Paul.

  16. Paul! I couldn’t help but notice that one of your readers has fainted. You really should make sure your internet access is in tip top shape and cleared of obstructions before you go leaving such intoxicating treats in public. Samantha! Are you ok now?

  17. aweseome cute Paul 😀

  18. those toes always seek adventure. here’s to further exploration…

  19. *fans herself vigorously*
    i am somewhat recovered, thank you Brad
    probably it is just age catching up to me
    probably early onset menopause was responsible for the hot flush too

  20. i do believe the twine holds this one together gracefully

  21. “cold toes seeking adventure” — I love it, playing footsie! 😀

  22. I laughed until my sides ached. Very funny, you and I love the title too.

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