Poem for Andre Gusmao (1)

September 8, 2009 at 4:54 pm | Posted in writing | 14 Comments

“When among thieves it is important to keep cheap baubles in your most obvious pocket, he said, handing me a little metal ball with a bell inside.”  I’ve written it down on this piece of paper and whenever the stutter and lisp come back I want you to read it out loud, three times, slowly. My speech therapist is cute. She smiles a lot and she reads my blog. I showed her my ‘Pome For Andre Gusmao’ and she liked it but said that embedding the video maybe a little too confrontational at this stage. Anyway, can’t stop, no internet at home since the damned dog ate the modem and I have a hot date with Lauren at the Job Centre. Apparently the envelope stuffing business is booming but I’m not sure my hands are up to that sort of thing yet.  The moon’s a balloon as they say, ciao bella,


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  1. It sounds like love Paul. There’s a swagger to your step, poetically speaking. Viva Amore!

  2. Enjoyed the coffee and cigarettes. but I think we need the piano to have been drinking. My son’s speechie is a dragon and gives us homework – yes, both of us.

  3. and the dog ate my modem… priceless.

    Ah love is in the air so good luck with the date…

  4. What a spring in your step I feel! I love it, but then I am in love with love, sooo…

  5. Haha, fabulous. I’m not sniggering, I promise. Nuhuh.

  6. when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie thats amore, vita, amore e risate-
    bella poesia, ciao!

  7. you get spring, we get fall

    fall for spring I say! it’s the same moon that shines on us all after all!

    oh, and nice touch how the stone in the hand is moonlike, bauble like and poem like…I like I like

  8. neat 🙂 wheres the confrontational video i say?! i keep money in my most obvious pocket, which would be more impressive if i had more and so the cycle continues

  9. i’m going to be a speech therapist someday. its going to be my second career

  10. I love this! Can’t stop laughing at “the damned dog ate the modem.” 🙂 And the moon balloon — a shining, floating delight.

  11. Brilliant weaving, Paul. A little bit of the past, present and a hint of anticipation for the next piece.

  12. Thanks everybody for the fantastic comments. It doesn’t look like my internet will be back up til next week now. Sorry about not keeping up with my reading and commenting but I will catch up when I can. The good news I have been practicing podcasting so when I get back there will be some excitement. Meanwhile…

  13. the sound of love…the little metal ball with a bell inside… a beautiful moment… i almost stole my friends…it was the beauty that attracted me but when i touched and heard the sound…yes, i know coveting is not good..so i gave it back…

  14. Another favourite. Andre Gusmao is an mixed martial arts fighter who retired after a particularly difficult loss.

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