The Last Words of Mr Ponderous

August 15, 2009 at 12:14 pm | Posted in writing | 9 Comments

hmm, well I suppose someone had to go.
I am the slowest with my constant ponderations. ha
ha’academics should follow artists otherwise
round and round
it is august and i
am reading Augeries of Innocence
while thinking ari
oh no he’s off
chasing horses

attempting to write in the accidental pluperfect
whilst diarising hatless for fear of self-mockery


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  1. flash fiction perhaps?
    i want to know the rest of the story 🙂
    but i also love the moment you capture.

  2. Not yet Paul, I am just off making grand plans for you. GRAND.

  3. No way!!! My twitter house looked like it had been broken into during the night and raided!

  4. Twiddling with knobs and dials in the time machine, Paul? Watching intently with notebook and pencil poised.

  5. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms – Twitter is denuded – remember academics are not ones to be taken at all seriously. Ruminations – ponderations (yes, I like that).

  6. love the last line,

  7. Oh I love, love, love the way your words stop and flow to form a wonderful pattern. You are as always the master of rhythm.

    I wish to be off chasing horses myself …

  8. who else but William Blake
    can help keep a man awake?

    who else but gingatao
    can make a man say, “wow?”

  9. Beautiful! Oh, How I missed your words…

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