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Quite perfunctorily. There is a leisurely stroll between the object and its reflection neatly captured, but the empty mannerisms, my goodness, get to the point, he thinks the back of his neck beginning to itch under the wig. Salieri again. The tea is cold in the pot and the wine won’t be served for another hour. All the other men had left to go shooting and he would have joined them if it wasn’t for this damned gout. Stuck inside with the women again. It seemed patently unfair that they should go to so much trouble and perfume but that it was deemed the height of ignorance for him to attempt,  (I do not wish to appear cynical Madame, he heard the young man behind him say but Salieri is a thief, to perambulate whilst doodling some errant elemental waltz, and young Mozart an insufferable commoner in gentlemans rags.


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  1. ‘doodling some errant elemental waltz’… how wonderful. I like this new character. Does he keep a mouse in his wig? For dinner, like.

  2. I like that he thinks he might be itchy in the wig…very good detail and shows he is distracted. 🙂

  3. Was that an itchy wig or and itchy whig? Yuk Yuk Yuk Okay, some people are just chronically chronic especially that insufferable Mozart.

  4. pomade, like time, is the only thing of which there is never enough.

  5. All that talk of wigs and pompadours has led your imagination on a lovely tangent. Exquisite stuff. Gout is insufferable I am told.

  6. wighairs in the airs, dusty velvets and lace collars come to mind.
    maybe we should light the fireplace logs, boil some fresh tea,
    sample the fruitbowl while waiting for the thief to lay plunder on the
    marbled podium

  7. “a leisurely stroll between the object and its reflection neatly captured” – much of my doctoral work was on mirrors and their significance, so I love this. Pomade makes me think of Suskind’s Perfume.

  8. often think i’ve plunged directly into your unconscious when i read your poems… very dream-like in their quality…intriguing indeed…

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