Collapsabubble boxes (for Brad)

June 28, 2009 at 9:48 am | Posted in australian poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry, sheer selfindulgence, writing | 11 Comments
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the funniest thing is to ask a serious poet
her funniest poem
yes my friend the cosmic joke
that someone has to be the bad guy

no plot cold and empty and deep
the funniest thing is that cliches
become cliches cos they contain
a perfectly expressed truth which
humans repeatedly stumble over
stubbing toes and swearing

landlubbers you gotta love ’em.
where’ld everyone go son
caliban waking in his cave
scratching his arse

peering into the still pond
yeah, Squires but we already noh
that, saw it in a magazine
did it up in Lulu
and posted it to Studio Ghibli
where hopefully
the cleaning lady will find it
and give it to her son.


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  1. Im first? Yay!! love the toe stubbing, uhm i mean, love to read about the toe stubbing, especially the way you say it 🙂

    the cleaning lady’s son’s gonna be a force to reckon with someday!!
    I hope so, Ms Mist. He will take over as secret supervisor.

  2. Paul! Great! Second verse & last verse (stanza???) BRILLIANT – the bit about cliches, genius. Last verse (stanza?) is you at your cheeky best. And even though it was for Brad Caliban appeared out of nowhere &, despite the butt scratching, from then on I told myself it was mine 🙂
    The Caliban thing is so strange, Maxine. I am still ponderating its synchronicitous amazingness. I will write one for everybody eventually.

  3. I am reminded of Zork and the unnamed adventurer, Paul.
    Open prompt:

    > You are standing at a tavern bar. The bartender is waiting for you to order, and is looking edgy. You can’t help noticing the girl in the corner. She deftly folds and slips a piece of onion paper into her breast pocket while half a dozen young men drool helplessly into her anime eyes.
    You glance past her and notice a door ajar leading to an other room. You can hear the sounds of stifled laughter.

    > ?
    Sit in the corner unnoticed and look for flashes of jewellery,

  4. Jerry Springer moment is mine, 😉 (emoticons oh no!) Collapsabubble indeed. It folds perfectly.
    Your Jerry Springer poem is fantabulous, Narnie, a perfect example of the humourous serious poem.

  5. a perfectly expressed truth which
    humans repeatedly stumble over
    stubbing toes and swearing

    landlubbers you gotta love ‘em.

    LOVE it 🙂

  6. to cliche or not to cliche that is the question, oops just stumbled over one. i think the thing is that some value/meaning gets shorter when overly repeated ideas stub toes, how they are so comfortable even when and not so much why they are worn but how they fit ‘if the shoe fits’ haha. a tiny example, in traditional painting cliche needs to be transcended because it may be stale, but can be considered differently in dada or some other forms
    absolutely, Tipota, your genius know no limits.

  7. Well, I’ll probably repeat what everyone above has said, and say that I love the part about the cliches. The image works perfectly in my head.

    I (heart) MM for her lists. Now I have another wonderful blog to wander around in.
    Miss Mist’s lists are as fabulous as her poetry, I agree and hello,

  8. ..everybody has had one, a serious stubbed toe swearin…. a fallen black and blue nail… landlubbers and still ponds im still scratchin… it is important to pass it on… i like it…
    I like your comments, Ms Pie. They are works of art remixes complete with grins and a unique spin,

  9. Well, for some reason, we keep avoiding each other which is neither here nor there (another fine cliche) thought Id say hello…Dig your work..

  10. What I meant to say was…..Read your comment at Bryans and it seemed odd not to stop by and say hello.

    And of course…dig your work.
    Hello. Yes we seem to moving around in similar circles, overlapping. I must get to buying your book, things are a little chaotic at the moment. Hello,

  11. Wonderful….If Lulu wants an arm and a leg for shipping shoot me a mail at

    Had that problem with Brad, they wanted 80.00 Oz dollars to ship!!! yeah right, which lead to my tirade against them..


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