Fundamental Revolution (1)

June 21, 2009 at 8:58 am | Posted in antihaiku, blogging, contemporary poetry, genre isn't dead yet but it should be, poetry, sheer selfindulgence, writing | 11 Comments

So there has to be some motive force.
Bettering, not necessarily battering, Squires.

Hmm, where is my stunt
double twist with a singularity
caught in the space between
the word and the image

and coming out smiling,
in jeans and a peasant shirt
while i sit here
scribbling and grinning.

And I can’t resist
on such a gorgeous Sunday morning
saying just one more time,

bye bye fishy fish,

(segue into vodpod) and over and out
this is the end of the bloggedy blog,


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  1. like the new look of your site 🙂
    New Boots And Panties as my old friend Ian Dury used to say, Jessie. New behaviours too.

  2. Was it ‘you, of course’ that this could be the precursor too? I like grinning. Very much. Baboom and roll backwards and bouncing to the beginning again, baboom,
    Why thankyou, Ma’am.

  3. Dig the blog’s new clothes, Squires! Crisp, clean, sharp!

    There’s a rhythm to this piece that takes me through, beginning to end, that keeps me bouncing.

    It brings me intense joy when you use the phrase bloggedy blog.

    There better not be any end in sight!
    Bryan! How was the beach? Bringing you intense joy gives me intense joy but not at all in a sexual way. I was hoping there would be lots of ends in sight, not to miss the chance for an obvious double-entendre, woohoo, to which end, Bryan I have taken out the ‘my darling’. She is there is the middle anyway, well her clothes are haha,

  4. I too like the new look but, I hope this isn’t the end of the bloggedy blog Paul.

    Good Night~
    Good night, Michelle. No more blogging for me, perhaps some more experimenting with wordage and the machine though,

  5. Beautiful paul.
    Can you imagine what you where doing in every single parallel words?
    cause they are all the possible options, and even more.
    I can remember them all but only one at a time, unless I am actually poeticising, Mariana.

  6. ah beautiful :), ur taking a break? I will miss you 😦 … all the very best everywhere and everything Paul!!
    All the best everywhere and everything to you too Miss Mist!! I am just changing the definition of what I am doing, doing something else but still here.

  7. Please don’t stop the bloggedy blog poetry. Love it!
    Okay! I give up, I will keep bloggedy blogging the poetry. Hello, Heather.

  8. u r the best Paul, and that jailbreak vodpod is outrageous, enjoyed it
    mucho gusto, thanks
    You are most welcome, Tipota and congratulations on the new gig! Fabulous.

  9. Oh goodgood for us yayz :)!!
    Yayaya, it’s just us handful of ratbags again Ms Mist. Raise the mainsail, hoist the ballards, yo ho ho and off we go,

  10. your experimentation with words is darn good!
    Thankyou. Your poems are very fine and calm and detailed, too.

  11. It must have been a beautiful Sunday morning indeed. Love the new look to your blog. BTW- I prefer bouncing to pouncing, but that’s just me.
    Boing boing, Paul M Peterson.

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