’tis a gift to be simple (3)

June 20, 2009 at 7:40 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 8 Comments
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On Bouncing.

Generally speaking excessive
bouncing follows clever pouncing.


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  1. ‘follows’ or ‘is followed by’?
    round and round hopefully til tea-time, hello, you have a fascinating blog. I wish my friend Sumedh was around, you two would enjoy each other’s work a lot, I think.

  2. ’tis the season for not much, and bouncing n stuff
    Yes indeed, Noah. A time when there is so much to wonder about and go oh oh look at that! Your blog is looking fantastic. I love the new header and the whole feel of the place. Your visual poetry is fantastic and has a wild edge.

  3. ohhhhh – now this one is near and dear to my heart! i wonder why…. heehee! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Lakota! Look at all those kisses! Are they for me? I’m on a diet so I will just take one small peck on the cheek with caramel icing. Must watch my weight. Helllooooo,

  4. Hahahaha! Loved it! You remembered me and I’m here, haha!

    I’m very much around, just not that much on the internet! 🙂 I’ll check out matheikal’s blog upon your recommendation! Keep up your clever words of singular beauty!
    Sumedh! How could I forget you, my friend. Your photos are spectacularly wonderful and your poetry sublime.

  5. Sort of like flouncing before a blue dressing gown without the la de da :0 A nice active little verse that is verbally fit and rhythmically healthy.
    At least my verse is fit and healthy, Val. It is raining here again.

  6. Hey! You look different. Did you cut your hair? I hardly recognize you. ::wink::
    Haha, I had to take off my disguise, Agnes. People kept mistaking me for the bloke who mugged Adam.

  7. Pay the rain no mind Monsieur Squires, everything must fall like the rain in it’s own time. It’s the dry spells that are truly dismal.
    Yes indeed. Australia is a dry country.

  8. Oh I love this…such elegant simplicity.

    The renovation is also looking very nice indeed. It is a good season to make some changes…
    Yes it is. There is always infinite possibilities, it turns out, Tracey which caught me by surprise, I thought as I got older my path got narrower, defined by my past. But it doesn’t, it gets wider and wider and more open and amazing. Boing, boing,

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