Eponymous ‘Pystomology of Tigger

June 17, 2009 at 8:49 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 12 Comments
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…as the white orchid dissolves into the red…
his left hand separates from his right

a long day of weaving charms and pendants in silence,
then like a sneaky sneak thief he
leaves work early

tippytoes socks on soft carpet
hears round corners
“shhhh, I’m reading,
are you ready?”

“Eponymous ‘Pystomology Of Tigger…” he whispers
two sets of sparkly blue eyes
appear peeking over pages
he grins…

two sounds converge
at his knees daddeeee
and in his ear a

his right hand closes on his left.


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  1. Gorgeous, happy. I wish I could do this, Paul.
    Thanks, Simonne. This a hard edit of an older poem. It’s interesting to me how my style has changed while I wasn’t noticing.

  2. Nothing like father and son togetherness. What vivid pictures you paint with your writing. Excellent. Have a great day.
    Thankyou, Michelle. I did have a wonderful day and I hope you did too.

  3. Wonderful to the highest degree.

    I bow to your superior imaginative skill with words…as always a delight.
    No need to bow, Tracey. Thankyou for your kind words.

  4. What ‘pysteme of poetry here!
    Haha, thanks Phil. I thought you might like the little philomosophical terminology.

  5. Tender and loving. A child expands your universe and in your case your poetic expression. It sounds wonderful on the podcast too Monsieur Squires. 🙂
    You heard that one, Val? That’s a long time ago. Thankyou.

  6. What was Ebby’s response? oh oh uncle! TWO sets… haha… so so wonderful this is.
    I’m very very glad you like it, Narnie.

  7. absolutely beyond description beautiful
    Thankyou, Tipota.

  8. This is so beautiful. Thanks.
    You’re welcome and thankyou Cocoyea, you rock!

  9. Beautiful Paul, Sneaking makes it even more beautiful.
    I was wondering if it was the Tigger character from the Pooh comic.
    Did the reading end at the end? I wanted it to go on for ever.
    Yes, it is the very same Tigger spirit, always bouncing, Mariana. Hopefully it will go on forever, time being non-linear and each moment eternal.

  10. mysterious 🙂 makes me wonder if this is going to be one in a series. could be a cool story to tell 🙂
    That’s very perspicacious, Jessie. This was originally part of a cycle of poems called ‘The (something” Ring’. I’ll post the others as I get around to re-writing them too.

  11. Oh how sweet, Paul. You caught that mood. Yes your style has changed I’ve watched it twist and turn since I met you, its all wonderful, and so are you.
    And so are you, Harmonie. Thankyou. It has been a long and very cool adventure so far.

  12. sneaky, and awwww 🙂 … utterly adorable!
    Cool, it is like a little teddy bear, this poem.

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